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Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Ji— The Wakeup Call

They are turning God’s home into gold, in hopes it will make them gold. The Sikh community is outraged and now maybe the sleeping loins will finally wake up. And when they awake, they will read Jap Ji Sahib Ji … Continue reading

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Amritdhari by His Grace

A blessing can turn into a curse when it’s given to an unwilling party. That is the case with some people that have taken Amrit for reasons other than their personal choice or belief. When a Sikh takes Amrit they … Continue reading

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Love Vs. Lust —-The inner war before marriage

Finding love in a world full of lust and desire. Is it possible to find a love in a world that is full of lust? Is it possible to tell the difference between the two when time comes? Does Sikhism … Continue reading

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Kirpan-The Sword of Mercy

I am not Muslim, I am not Hindu and I must definitely am not sick.  Every time I step out of my house with an Indian dress or someone spots my iron bracelet on my arm, people question my background. … Continue reading

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Coming Full Circle – Father’s Day is not for fathers

Father’s Day is a special annual reminder of the silent promises a father makes when he holds his child for the first after birth. It is not just about the children showing their love for their fathers. Father’s Day is … Continue reading

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The Test of the Turban–Through the Eyes of a Sikh Woman

The turban is like a lighthouse on the shore that guides ships to safety, except it’s guiding the soul to safer havens.  Many people will want to argue with you that out appearances don’t matter, it’s what’s inside that counts. … Continue reading

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Khalsa Raj-Bringing about a new Change

Khalsa raj is knocking at the doorsteps of your soul every time you wish you could have stopped an evil or change the world. Open the doors, let it in, stop wishing and become the change you want to see … Continue reading

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