Being Sanmukh

In 1699 the panj pyare gave their heads to Guru Gobind Singh and in turn received Amrit. Today I am going to start on the path to give Guru Gobind Singh Ji my 5 evils (haankar, kam, kordh, mou, and lobh) and in turn have his panj pyare give me his 5 gifts (Kanga, Khes, Kirpan, Kachera, and Kara). This blog is to help me sing praise of Waheguru and keep me moving in the right direction. So as I rid myself of the 5 evils and take on the 5 gifts, I well thank god the only way I know how. By writing/singing his praise. Today with this blog, I am gifting him something that has been very dear to me….My name. Many years of my life I wasted trying to create a name for myself, for people to praise me. Today I give that to him and embrace his name for me, Sanmukh.

Sanmukh is a child of Waheguru that has acknowledged him and wants to work towards being Gurmukh, the one that has become one with Waheguru. Being Sanmukh is the only thing that matters anymore, nothing else matters. Age has become just a number, location just a place, and so on. From today I am going to make everything of mine add up to be just Waheguru. Because he is one, he is all. And I am just Sanmukh.

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4 Responses to Being Sanmukh

  1. Baneet Kaur says:

    Nice article inspiration for all… I loved that thing giving 5 vices and accepting amrit as gift of waheguru…Thanks for sharing such nice thoughts with us…..

  2. Very interesting, thanks for sharing your story and inspiration. I had recently written something similar.

  3. Guest says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!! Not Fair!! Another good blog abandoned! Why are all the good bloggers quitting?? Where else can we get good sangat/influence, now??
    Please somebody convince Sanmukh to post again………

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