Coming Full Circle – Father’s Day is not for fathers

Father’s Day is a special annual reminder of the silent promises a father makes when he holds his child for the first after birth. It is not just about the children showing their love for their fathers. Father’s Day is about the whole family; the fathers, the mothers and the children. It’s about a special promise and bond they share and celebrate on this day.

When a father holds his child for the first time, he makes a special promise to always be a part of the child’s life. He promises to be the rock in the child’s life through the hard times and just go with the flow during the good times. Father’s day is a day for all fathers to think about whether they live up to the promise they made their children. It’s not about getting something from your child telling you how wonderful you are, that’s just extra. It’s about thanking your child for letting you be their father, for being your child every time you made a mistake and for making your day with their smile. This year on Father’s Day don’t expect to receive, instead use it as an opportunity to give. Give thanks to your child and the mother of your child for this beautiful blessing they helped you receive.

Mothers have always received a special place in the hearts of their children and on Father’s Day they should help the fathers create a similar place. A family is incomplete without the father and mothers are the glues that hold the families together. On this day every mother should promise to help the fathers be good fathers and stay in the lives of their children. For it is a mother that acts as a go in between father and child during difficult periods. That is why it’s important for each mother to promise to keep their personal bias out of the situation and help the child and the father. When a mother uses her anger with the father or child in a situation that has nothing to do with the situation it just makes matters worse. Mothers don’t make matters worse, they make them better. On Father’s Day it’s each mother should count her blessings of having a child and the child’s father in her life.

With the help of the mother, the child should remember the importance of father in their lives. Parenting can be a thankless job, especially for the fathers because they have a harder time creating a special place like the mothers. That is why it’s extra important for children to promise to make their fathers feel loved on Father’s day and every day. It is the love of a child that makes the parents want to work harder to make everything work out. No parent wants to see their child unhappy and just for that reason alone no child should want to see their parents unhappy. On this day go out and seek the blessing of Waheguru with your families; he will bless you with smiles, happiness and the ability to make your parents happy. In your happiness you will see your blessings and your parents will find theirs.

The father, the mother and the child should never forget Waheguru, who gives them the ability to make and keep their promises. The moment we forget or break our promise is usually the moment, we forgot Waheguru. Without him we are unable to make or keep a promise. We can find the tuk “Among the peaceful, You are called the Peaceful One. Among givers, You are the Greatest Giver”, on page 507. Remembering this tuk will help us remember that the peace we want in our lives, our families is given by him. Everything we want is given by him. So when we forget him, we forget our promises, we forget our purpose.

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