Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Ji— The Wakeup Call

They are turning God’s home into gold, in hopes it will make them gold. The Sikh community is outraged and now maybe the sleeping loins will finally wake up. And when they awake, they will read Jap Ji Sahib Ji and remember:
“suni-ai sat santokh gi-aan.
Listening – truth, contentment and spiritual wisdom.
suni-ai athsath kaa isnaan.
Listening – bathe at the sixty-eight holy places.

Sikhs forget that we don’t have to go to a Gurudwara Sahib that has some great history to do pilgrimage. When you have the true Guru, Guru Granth Sahib Ji at your local Gurudwara Sahib waiting for you, why are you running around? The time we waste trying to visit all these holy places that are becoming more and more of tourist attraction, we could be spending with our Guru for more benefit. I know you’re probably thinking, there is nothing wrong with visiting Gurudwara’s with great history. I agree there is not but why do we just visit Gurudwara’s like Bangla Sahib Ji which spend millions of dollars to attract us? Why don’t we visit the Gurudwara’s that have great history but aren’t as well kept? Why aren’t the Gurudwara Sahib Ji’s that receive a lot of contribution help restoring Gurudwara Sahib Ji’s that aren’t kept very well? Why because Gurudwara Sahib Ji’s are becoming a place of business for many corrupt leaders. The leaders aren’t to blame, the sleeping Sikhs are. The moment we wake up and find our pilgrimage in the words of Guru instead of a physical location, we will wake up better Sikhs. All this corruption will stop because Sikhs will stop feeding the fire of evil. The corruption is evil, the seva is not.

Anything done by any human without any desire for self-benefit is seva. That means there is nothing wrong with making a Gurudwara Sahib out of gold. It is up to the Sikhs if they want to donate for that cause. And if Sikhs really don’t want this they can donate to better charities and actually make a difference. Why do we scream at the people that do these things but never do anything better ourselves? Set an example, get involved….do something other than complain when someone else does something. Also if they Sikhs really don’t wish for this, they should start going to Gurudwara’s that listen to the Sikhs and do the right thing. Even if this Gurudwara Sahib gets built of gold and becomes a huge tourist attraction, do you think that the offerings made by the tourist will equal that of the sikhs. Forget it! So stop worrying about others, Waheguru Ji is watching all. You, yourself do the right thing.

I say let them do it and us as Sikhs get wise and stop running to different Gurudwara Sahib’s and instead run to the true Guru Granth Sahib Ji because that is who is going to save us.

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One Response to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Ji— The Wakeup Call

  1. Yes I fully agree with my sister who has written her views ,She actually needed to express her ideas but I think I can add my views to this.

    Whether it is gurudwara shri bangla sahib, sri sis gang sahib or any other gurudwara on the earth, there we find the same shri guru granth sahib ji and it preaches the same principals to live a good life and as for as possible to do such things witch are good for humanity, irrespective of religion in fact why only humanity in fact for all the creations of GOD. He has not created only SIKH people ,HE has not only created man broadly speaking all this universe consisting of man ,animals birds creatures in water and in the sky ,trees and plants,in fact whatever we could see around us is his creation.I have it appears gone a bit too far, let us come back to the subject
    In short we should start loving and practising the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.That we can do when we read, recite and l isten to and we can do this if we come out of the status of gurudwaras, the status of Quality of LANGAR, Quality of Sri rumalas and all other allied things, here i donot say that gurdwara buildings or langar of rumalas are not important, in fact they are ,but my idea is not to be confined to these things only ,these are only the ways and means to reach the message, our ultimate aim to understand and practise the teachings of guru granth sahib ji should not be defeted.

    The millions and millions of rupees that are spent on manking gurdwares in gold can be utilised for the upliftment of mankind.

    Now what I am going to say is very vital:Sikhs is a very small minority community and they spend huge amouts on gurdwaras,nagar kirtans, langars and so many other things, on the other side cristians are in very good number and consist of much richer people ,Cuold the not afford to put gold on their churches, have you found a single church in the world made of gold ,if you come across one pl. let me know. I think I have now successfully conveyed my message and our community should take a lesson from it.



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