Nindyia —- ‘I am better then you’ attitude

The moment a person logs on to a discussion forum, they get filled with this sense of power because no one can know the real them and they can be whoever they want to be. A person that is horrible in real life, the internet can make them sound like they are sweetest most genuine person on Earth. The sweetest person can turn into the worst person. It is the weirdest thing, it’s like the fake id, turns us into a fake person. Some of us start off on the internet with a good purpose, wanting to learn more about Sikhi but it does not take long for us to lose sight of that purpose. Today on any given medium of discussion, Sikhs have resorted to Nindyia to uplift themselves. It is no longer about learning, about becoming a better person; it is about being right at any cost. To prove ourselves right we resort to nindyia of the opposite sex, different groups of Sikhs and other religions.

The moment any one mentions the weakening state of Sikhi, the blame game starts between the Singhs and the Kaurs. The Singhs feel that it’s because women aren’t teaching the children the right morals and are marrying non-Sikhs. The Kaurs feel that it’s because the Singhs aren’t taking a stance and staying firm in their Sikh and granting equal rights as stated in Sikhi. Both the Singhs and the Kaurs are right, we have examples to prove both right in our community. But that’s not the point. This matter could be solved and we could be working towards a stronger Sikhi community, if we worked together. But no we aren’t working together; we aren’t even talking about the issues. Every time any issue comes up, we started dragging the other sex down, to make ourselves look better. We need to look past the gender and state that we have an issue and work together as a team to fix it.

Sikhs are lucky to have so many groups that work so hard to help us become better people, better Sikhs. We are lucky to have them but we are unlucky that they don’t collaborate together to make Sikhi stronger. They work with Sikhs as individuals and not with Sikhs as a whole. Our Sikh organizations need to get on the same page and set standards for the Sikhi community as a whole, so no one can divide us. But they don’t do that and frustrated members of different organizations are constantly doing nindyia of one another. It seems every organization has a problem with one practice or another of the other one and vice versa. Individual Sikhs need to rise above nindiya of one another and focus on the positive sides. If you do have a problem with how a particular Sikh does something, have a discussion with them on that practice, without accusing and 9 out of 10 times you probably can find something to agree on that would solve the problem. Doing nindyia or accusing people or groups will get us nowhere and that unwanted practice will just grow. Nindyia divides our community, talking things out and mutual respect brings our community together. Let us stop nindiya based on what group the Sikh belongs and focus on uniting all Sikhs.

Nindyia not only divides us as a community but also diminishes our standing amongst other religions of the worlds. In a recent trend that can be seen online on most discussion forums, Sikhs have started resorting to doing nindyia of different religions to try and make Sikhism look better. But in their attempts to make Sikhism look better, they are taking away from the creditability of Sikhism. I believe in two golden rules: 1. if someone does against something against Sikhs, confront them, don’t talk behind their back and 2. If someone has an issue in their religion that has nothing to do with Sikhism, ignore it, there are enough issues to deal with Sikhism. In both scenarios there is no need to do nindyia because Sikhism should be above it and is above it. Sikhism is a great religion on its own and can stand strong without putting anyone down. As Sikhs we should have the guts to deal with issues heads on and have the knowledge not to put down the traditions of different religions. That’s what being a saint-soldier is all about.

To be a true Saint-Soldier we must avoid nindiya of the opposite sex, other Sikhs/ Sikhs groups and other religions. Many times amidst doing nindiya, you’ll find Sikhs asking why the people in the wrong are in chardikala and the good Sikhs struggling.  It is because instead of confronting the issue, we talked bad and took their sins on our heads. Every time we talk bad about someone we are washing away their sins. The people in the wrong are usually too busy to give a hoot about us, that leaves us filled with our sins and the sins we took on by doing nindyia of others. With so much sins we take on unnecessarily, how are we supposed to stay in chardikala?  Stop doing Nindiya, look within yourself and watch your life improve.

Sikh Panth chardikala, here we come!

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