Guru Ji, Mai Tera Joga — I am worthy only of You Guru Ji

In each Sikh’s life there comes a time when he realizes he is only worthy of Guru Ji, no one else. It is common for us to think that because we are full of sins, we are not worthy of Guru Ji but Guru Ji through Bhai Joga Singh Ji teaches us otherwise. Bhai Joga Ji teaches us to serve Guru Ji, to learn from our mistakes and to never forget what we are worthy of.

Everyone has their own ways of serving Guru Ji and they are all correct if done with a pure heart. Bhai Joga Ji stayed with Guru Ji and served him in person, I serve him through my writings. It gives me so much pleasure to write about Sikhi because I learn so much about Guru Ji and Sikhism. Each writing is a lesson to me, a reminder of what Sikhism is all about. I had begun to write purely for myself and it grew to something that I write for anybody that wants to read. As it grew, it became a seva and I had to be more careful as to what I write, so that I never write anything disrespectful about Sikhism or Guru Ji. Sometimes when I write, I get praised and that praise builds ego within.

When you do seva, sometimes you are filled with much pride and ego. That was the case with Bhai Joga Singh Ji when he left his wedding to go back to Guru Ji but then on the way decided to stop at a prostitute’s home as a way to reward himself. And that was my case this weekend, I had been writing a lot and thought I deserved to take a break and go to a concert against the advice of the Gursikhs in my life. So to the concert I went, filled with ego for being so good and trying to follow Sikhi. I had dressed in my best clothes and tied my favorite turban…everything was perfect. The concert started with me in the second row, wondering if Gurdas Mann would notice the only turbaned girl in the room. I sat all filled with pride and ego. Then magic happened and Guru Ji intervened.  Just like Guru Gobind Singh Ji had stood guard at the Prostitute’s home to scare Bhai Joga Ji away from making the mistake, he came to stand guard for me. Not even one song in, my view got ruined by a couple that came and sat in the front row. The whole time this couple was acting in a very non-sikh way and non-punjabi way. The whole time I ended up watching them and thinking what am I doing here. So like Bhai Joga Ji was stopped by Guru Ji from going in, I was stopped from watching the concert and being filled with ego.

Guru Ji broke my ego in a sweet way, just like Guru Ji did with Bhai Joga Singh Ji. With Bhai Joga Ji, he told him that he was at guard himself and made him realize what a mistake he was about to make. With me he showed me the wrong of my going to the concert, against the wishes of Gursikhs. The concert was wrong I realized because of the type of Sangat it surrounded me with. Every time I would look up I would see the couple, not the singer. Every time I would look around me I would see people pointing at the couple and laughing or I would see the drunks. I eventually ended up closing my eyes doing simran and asking for Waheguru Ji’s forgiveness for not listening to the Gursikhs. And as I sat there I realized Guru Ji wasn’t trying to make me feel bad or guilty. That’s not what Guru Ji does, he just loves.

Guru Ji in his loving manners stops us from making mistakes; we just have to ask him to do so. I had asked Guru Ji to help me become a good Gursikh and avoid things that would be a hindrance in the process. Guru Ji did not block my view; he opened my eyes to see the stuff around me that my ego was blocking out. I will not be attending any more concerts in the future because I am no longer blinded by the ego within me. Guru Ji opened the eyes of Bhai Joga Singh Ji and he realized he was joga (worthy) just of Guru Ji. Guru Ji is slowly opening my eyes and making me realize my true worth. I hope one day soon with no ego or pride, I can truly say I am worth only Guru Ji.

I would recommend every Sikh read Sikh history along with Gurbani as it opens our eyes to much around us. With our eyes open we can see the lessons Guru Ji is trying to teach us.

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8 Responses to Guru Ji, Mai Tera Joga — I am worthy only of You Guru Ji

  1. Sat Sri Akal Sanmukh ji,

    I have read your many post and really like and respect your views. This particular post got me thinking and I have a few questions. Please take them lightly, more as doubt from a fellow Sikh brother.

    I’m curious as to how you could compare Bhai Joga ji’s transgression of visiting a prostitute, which by the way would be going directly against one of the central tenants of being an Amritdhari Khalsa, to your much more benign action of going to a music concert. By this logic, any devout Sikh should never go to music concerts, whether Indian or Western.

    I understand your aspect of ego and I personally deal with it as part of my initiatives in writing too. However, to me being a Gursikh, doing seva and also enjoying things in life within the rehat maryada are not mutually exclusive, they are part of the same life given to me by Waheguru ji.

    Also, I do remember reading your post a while back on people who buy tobacco from your place of work and how that fits in your world view. I understand the concert was by choice but the point I’m trying to make is that we live in a world where we are always surrounded by different people. Guru Nanak Devji I think even said something on the lines of living like a lotus flower in a pond, where the roots may be in dirt but it blooms above it all.

    Now, think of it from the other side. There were probably a lot of moderate Sikhs there, no I’m not talking about the drunk kids jeering at people. These other people probably saw your bana and were impressed by it. Some of them maybe were inspired that you lived your life under Guru ji’s rehat and yet feel strong enough in your ideals to walk into wherever life takes you. You probably were a source of strength to some others just by being a beacon that didn’t fall into the trap of questionable behavior of others and thus provided a different path for others to follow.

    I understand the concerns of other Gursikhs who were advising you against bad sangat. They just wanted the best for you and sometimes a weak mind can get washed away in bad company. However, the path of the Khalsa is of both Shakti and Bhakti, where the Guru’s bana is your Shastra in public. Isn’t our duty to help the drowntrodden and protect the weak? If you saw a sister being jeered at by some drunk kids wouldn’t you stand up and protect her? She might have been misguided in her company but all the more reason to let people around you know that you will not tolerate bad behavior.

    Sometimes I feel that we are too quick to build a shell of like minded people around us. Don’t get me wrong, we should always live in Sadh Sangat or in Holy company, but if that is the only kind of company that you ever live in, then it is “your” world and not “the” world. These are just my opinions, but I think Guru ji even sent you to the concert to open your eyes to the world around you. It is good that your seva is through writing and spreading the message of sikhi through the net, but then it shouldn’t prevent you from spreading the same message in person. Your flesh and blood should speak the same language as your computer. I found your old post and it starts with “Living in filth to remove it, not become a part it.”…

    Chardi Kala!

  2. Sat Shri Akal Veer Ji,
    Thank you for reading my posts and posting your views, they encourage me to think and do some more soul searching.
    Your first question was how I could compare Bhai Joga Ji’s transgression to my visit to a concert. To me they were the same in the manner that I felt Guru Ji stopped me from really viewing the concert and enjoying, just as Guru Ji had stopped Bhai Joga Ji. Why did Guru Ji stop me? Easy, because I had gone against the advice of Gursikhs, my insides were filled with ego and the sangat there was not one a gursikh should keep. I think a major reason was the Gursikhs telling me not to go and I had directly gone against their advice.
    You make a reference to my earlier post about working in a store selling beer, cigs and etc. Like you said that is not by choice and I probably would leave that the second I find something better. The concert was a choice; I was throwing myself into this thing out of freewill. I think for me the difference is in the store I can control my environment and use it remind people that what they are doing is bad and at a concert I can’t do anything. When a person can’t do nothing they are more likely to get influenced. Just imagine being at a concert, the singer singing about drinking, girls and just have fun and the people around you doing just that. Wouldn’t you be tempted for a minute to be like them? Veer Ji, I am just starting out on this path and at times I do get tempted by these things because honestly the seem easier. I think that is the very reason I was advised not to go.
    The Gursikhs were right that I should not go because until Guru Ji intervened I was full of ego and stupid thoughts. If I am myself caught up in ego, how can I be a beacon?
    Veer Ji, I would stick up for a sister being jeered at but honestly Guru Ji didn’t need me to be there to do that. There was so much security at the concert, it was crazy. Like a drunk came and sat in my row, he wasn’t saying nothing rude to anyone just a bit loud but still one of the uncle ji’s asked me if I was uncomfortable because of him, I said yes and immediately 2 security guys came and removed him. I wasn’t need to protect anyone, in fact others were protecting me from bad behavior. I would have never said nothing to the drunk unless he was saying something wrong…
    I think it is one thing to build a shell around us and another to actively seek out things against gurmat. I don’t think a concert fits in anywhere into gurmat because of the lyrics and the people that attend. We should live in this world and do worldly deeds as required but not actively seek out things against gurmat.

    Chardi Kala!

  3. MB Singh says:

    That was excellant state of mind of Samukh to compare her experience with Sakhi of Bhai Joga Singh Ji. We need to think like that. We need to transform and translate each part of history into our daily life. History is of no use to us, otherwise.

    We are definitely a special stuff. Artists and people cheering them for their non sense songs, in professional money spinning concerts, are not meant for spiritual people. Let the world go to hell, alone, without me. I am special.

  4. Wade Veer Ji,

    Thats exactly how I feel that we need to compare our each action to those of Great Gursikhs from the past because we get to learn so much. Everyday almost I have an experience where I feel Guru Ji is trying to teach me how to be a better person, a better gursikh. I consider writing a quick daily post about those experiences but I am horrible at writing small posts and those quick posts will quickly grow out of hand.

    We are all special, we just need to realize that.

  5. oh and Wade Veer Ji,

    I look forward to your comments on here and your messages on Gurmat Bibek. They are a special treat for me. 🙂 Thank You!

  6. This is a great post and may be one that is followed up to see what are the results

    A comrade e mailed this link the other day and I will be eagerly awaiting your next page. Proceed on the exceptional work.

    • Sanmukh says:

      I never thought about follow up on this article, I don’t know if there could be one? But if Waheguru Ji has something planned or wants me to write something about it, I will when He commands me to.

      Thank You for your kind words of encourgement.


  7. Have discovered your blog via yahoo the other day and absolutely like it so much. Continue the excellent work.

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