Sinner Born in Family of Saints —- The Play of Karmas

Sometimes it seems the worst of people can be born to the best of parents, where is the justice in that? Especially in this day and age it is impossible not to question Waheguru Ji on his decision to give us a child that is nothing like us. We tried to be true Sikhs and raise our children the same, so how can our upbringing be wrong? GuruRam Das Ji and his son Prithi Chand is a prime example of how a sinner can be born into a family of saints. There was nothing wrong with the upbringing given to Prithi Chand, that much is clear because his brother with same upbringing grew up to be Guru Arjan Dev Ji. It is all the play of karmas, the parent’s karmas and the child’s karmas.

Karmas are our deeds; the good and the bad, present and past. When we do a bad deed we have to live in the consequence of it, in this birth or the next. When we pray to Waheguru Ji and accept whatever His will is, the consequences can be lesser then the bad deed because we show penitence. The moment our bad karmas have been dealt with, we can start working towards rejoining Waheguru Ji and finding a place at His feet. That’s where all the good Karmas come in; they help us connect to Waheguru Ji faster. So that’s what Karmas are, they are our deeds. For example if I was to break someone’s hand, I would eventually have my hand broken but if I realize my mistake and start living life as a proper Gursikh in remembrance of Waheguru Ji, my punishment might be lessened to just my finger breaking or it can be lived out in dreams. We can overcome our Karmas by living in the remembrance of Waheguru Ji and following the teachings of the Sikh Gurus.

People that live as great Gursikhs and forever remembrance of Waheguru Ji should have wonderful Gursikh children. But it doesn’t always work like that. Sometimes when someone is very close to Waheguru Ji and has done lots of good Karmas, Waheguru Ji trusts them with more responsibility. The responsibility of helping a soul that needs to begin the process of removing bad karmas. Like Guru Ram Das Ji was the messenger of Waheguru Ji to remind us all to live in his remembrance and to live life as Gursikhs but Guru Ji’s child was Prithi Chand, was someone who did anything but that. Prithi Chand destined to grow up and do lots of bad deeds because that was what was written in his karma’s. But since he was born in the house of Guru Ram Das Ji, he grew up doing lots of praying and good deeds to cancel out some of those karmas. One can only imagine what his Karma’s would have been if he had not been born into such a great family that would help him to live at least part of his life in remembrance of Waheguru Ji. If Prithi Chand was not so blessed to be born into such a holy family, he might have never been able to start working himself out of the deep hole of bad karmas. Sometimes Waheguru Ji asks his good Gursikhs to be home to children that might not grow up to be great Gursikhs but need a place full of people that can help them begin the journey towards working ones way out of the bad karmas.

Gursikh parents offer their children the best upbringing possible by teaching them to always be in remembrance of Waheguru Ji and to abide by the teachings of the Sikh Gurus. Gursikh children try to live in the teachings to best of their abilities and the rest is up to Waheguru Ji. If our past karmas are not good, then even with our Gursikh upbringing we have to pay for our past Karmas. That was the case with Prithi Chand because of his past Karmas he did many bad deeds which were already written in his destiny. The effect of being born in a Gursikh family was, he was able to lessen the effect of his bad deeds. Since his bad deeds were not bad as they could have been, he can begin working slowly towards Waheguru Ji. With every rebirth the effect of his bad karmas lessens and he gets closer to Waheguru Ji.

With each birth we get closer or further from the holy feet of Waheguru Ji. But Waheguru Ji is very merciful he continuously shows us the path of salvation even when we are hell bent on doing karmas that drive us further from him. That very reason is why He allows the birth of sinners in the home of Saints, so that they may also find salvation.

In our homes a soul is born, whose karmas we don’t know. It is the duty of each Gursikh to give that soul/child the best Gursikh upbringing possible so that they may get closer to Waheguru Ji’s holy feet. To give them the upbringing and then live life in Waheguru’s will by never questions Waheguru Ji’s on how the child turned out. Because for all we know, even the child that disappointed you, might be the best it can be with the Karmas it had to work with from the last birth.

And not just with our Children, with everything in life. The happiness, the sadness of life, accept it as will of God and keep trying to live a life as a proper Gursikh. Don’t let anything shake your faith.

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4 Responses to Sinner Born in Family of Saints —- The Play of Karmas

  1. MB Singh says:

    That is excellant explanation for the problem of disrespectful and “patit” children in Gursikh families. Nice thoughts.

    • Wade Veer Ji,

      Thank You! I was really unsure about this article. I didn’t know if I was even thinking along the correct lines but after reading your reply, I feel a bit more confident to explore this topic some more.

  2. photo book says:

    Wow, this was a really quality post. In theory I’ d like to write like this too – taking time and actual effort to make a great article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and in no way appear to get something done.

  3. Kisyspispow says:

    Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

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