Day 1 – Frustration

The first word that comes to mind as I write my first entry for the thirty day challenge is frustrating. I honestly wanted to quit and delete the first post all day, as I failed to fulfill almost all aspects of the challenge to myself. But alas, I am a Sikh and I will not give up till I win. I believe Sikhs keep fighting until they win or die, even when the fight is against themselves. Okay, enough big talk, here’s how day one has gone so far starting with the path, then food and finished with the exercise.

I failed miserably to wake up at amrtivela and when I did get up at 6, I was acting lazy about getting out of bed. This happens to me almost every morning now, I wake up late. And it hurts me because I know the importance of Amritvela and Waheguru Ji in my life. I know I want to get up at amritvela and do path. I use to do it everyone morning till a few months ago then I last my amritvela for various reasons and have never been able to get it back since. Today was not a success in getting up but I hope tomorrow I can. I will try and go to sleep earlier tonight.

I have heard many times if I eat less before I go to sleep, its easier to get up at amritvela. I really need to try that. But that would mean I have to stop eating my favorite veggie sandwich before I head home and am forced fed roti by my mother. I guess to gain something, you have to give up something. Bye Bye, Sandwich! So no more sandwiches starting tomorrow, today was an acceptation because I have to work late. I also ate lot of junk food in the form of chips. So you can see I was pretty disappointing about eating healthy. BUT there is good news, I did not have even a sip of soda today. I replaced the soda with juice and water. I guess today wasn’t a complete failure, i did avoid my favorite coke. 🙂

Coke was avoided but I still have to burn off the calories, so exercise time. So far I am still at work but the plan is to go home and run a mile before I shower and do Path. But even at work I have been avoiding sitting down during the slow time, keeping it moving. That has been really good for me because I had lot of the work done by the time my replacement showed up. So I guess overall even on the exercise front I have been pretty decent. Its better then sitting on my computer typing away all day. 😉

It is frustrating that I didn’t have much to report and I didn’t do as great as I hoped but its a start. It helps knowing that end of the day I have to admit my faults to someone. I don’t want to ever have to admit to my readers that I am not perfect, that i am not as good as they sometimes make me out to be. But I am admitting it because I want to live up to the expectations you guys have of me. The fight with myself, shall continue tomorrow.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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