Thirty Day Challenge

As I look back at this blog, I realize that it does not have much about my journey to becoming a better Sikh. A lot of it is my thoughts and opinions on various issues regarding Sikhi but very few articles relate to the actually experience I go through on daily basis. Starting today I am going to start a personal thirty day challenge for myself to record and expand the changes I make in myself. Over the next thirty days, I will be writing small notes daily on how I am doing with my Nitnem, dietary changes, and exercise regime.

One of the most Important part of being a Sikh is reading Gurbani but yet I often find myself struggling with my Nitnem. Its not that I don’t realize the importance of doing Path, I just have trouble waking up in the mornings. I do Path nicely in the evenings but mornings are a struggle for me. Maybe its the fact I am not holding myself accountable and allowing myself to be lazy. Hopefully with this thirty day challenge, knowing that I have to admit it daily, I can guilt my way into a regular nitnem schedule.

Using the power of guilt I also plan to fix my diet, not just how regularly I do path. I currently don’t eat any meat or egg products but I make the mistake of eating out almost daily and eating very unhealthy. On top of that Coke is the love of my life, I can’t think of the last day we were separate for more then a day.  As a Sikh I feel like I should not have any sort of addictions to unhealthy foods, like I do with coke. Also I have been reading a lot about Sarlobh Bibek (got write an article about that soon) and considering keeping that in the long run but the first phase is cutting out all the junk food. So over the next thirty days I will carefully be monitoring what I eat and try to live healthy like a Sikh should.

The second part to staying healthy is exercise. In recent times I have been listening to a lot of stuff on 1984 and been questioning myself if I am in the shape to stand up for myself and my religion and anyone else that might need me. I am not. Every time I listen to that I think about the importance of being in shape and how out of shape i am. I think a fit body is a huge requirement for Sikhi, if we want to be the saint-solider. So the next 30 days i will try to walk at least a mile a day and increase it slowly and add more exercise as i go.

Over the next thirty days I will work on the saint and solider aspect of becoming a Sikh. It will be all about me and my personal growth as Sikh because its not enough just to write, following through is important too. I hope this blog keeps me honest and true to my challenge that I have set for myself.

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