Day 2 — Calling it quits

Some of you may have noticed that the thirty day challenge disappeared for most of today because I had called it quits. Why did I call it quits? Its not a easy challenge, admitting to myself, Waheguru Ji and sangat that there are so many faults in me. Waheguru Ji and I already know but sangat didn’t and I thought maybe you don’t have to know. I reasoned that this is not the typical content of my blog and not what Sangat expects so I should avoid it, give sangat what it is used to. But alas, my wadde veer ji called me out on it and talked me into bringing it back. So here I am admitting out loud once again my faults and challenging myself to overcome my faults. So here is how miserably i did on the day I thought the challenge didn’t exist starting with Path, diet and of course exercise.

I did wake up pretty early this morning because I had to open the store. My mother woke me up and I tried to talk her into opening the store but she forced me to go. So I slept in as long as I possibly could before i would officially be late to work by more then 10 minutes. You see they call the house if I am late more then 10 minutes and that would mean scolding from dad. So once at work I listened to Gurbani for the first few hours because business is slow and the store is quiet and peaceful. After listening to Bani, I set off doing my work (cooking deli, cleaning and etc). Since I did not even try this morning to get up at amritvela, I am going to read gurbani all night tonight, so there is no way i can sleep through amritvela today.

Having decided my fate for not even trying, lets see how i messed up the diet. My breakfast this morning was a bean & cheese burrito with a half can of coke (i drank the other half when i went out with my aunt). Later in the day I ate a slice of Cake that was meant for 2 people with a glass of milk. needless to say my tummy hurt after the cake and I regretted my decision to pig out. Actually I was hungry and feeling to lazy to cook that was the only edible think i could find without too much effort in the house. No sandwich today though or chips. so thats good, right? Actually to be honest I am quite disappointed I had thought I called it quits and didn’t put in much effort as I should have to avoid the junk food. Both times I could have easily avoided it because i had time and other options, i just chose not to see them. I will be on guard tomorrow because the challenge continues. Who knows, I might do better.

I don’t know if I will do better tomorrow or not but I certainly didn’t do better in exercise. Every free minute I spent being lazy on the couch with my laptop writing away. The only exercise I did was playing with my baby cousin, who had come for a visit. I have no excuse, just a promise to try harder tomorrow because i can’t call it quits two days in a row.

Trying to call it quits I failed miserably in all aspects of my challenge. That only goes to show when we think no one is looking, we stop trying. Or at least I seem to be that way. I need to be reminded I guess from time to time that Sikhs don’t quit and we don’t forget if no one else is watching, Waheguru Ji is always watching. So calling it quits didn’t work, I will be back tomorrow hopefully with good news, for now I have to get off the computer in a minute and go do path.


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