Free Colorful Bracelets for All, Including Me…

Mai Bhago please come back with the bracelets that once remind the fourty martyrs their duty for Guru Ji and remind the sleeping Khalsa Panth once again of our duty towards Guru Ji. So much disrespect of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is happening left and right and yet the Sikhs of today are turning a blind eye. How are we any different than the Forty Martyrs that left Guru Ji for their benefit? I don’t know about other Sikhs but I know about myself and I am a disgrace to the Khalsa Panth. I sit here today, read only the bad stuff happening around me and I do nothing. I think of a million excuses why I am unable to fight back and wonder why others aren’t fighting back. We are all the same, we have turned our back to Guru Ji. Today I want to ask myself and all my brothers/sisters, ‘what have we done about Sacha Sauda, about beering drinking granthis and about one of the biggest dishonor of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in Sikh history?’

A few years back a man dressed himself up like Guru Gobind Singh Ji and prepared fake Amrit to serve to his followers. There are many accusations and ongoing investigations being done by CBI against Sacha Sauda and its leader ‘Saint’ Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. This man who uses the word ‘Saint’ in his name is accused of such things as rape, murder and countless other things, yet he roams free. The people that tried to rid the world of this criminal rot in jail wondering when will this man be brought to justice. Hiding his criminal deeds in blanket of charity work, he fools the poor into worshiping him. When will the Sikhs wake up and stop these fake saints and their black deeds? When will we provide comfort to our Sikh brothers and sisters in jail, that we finished the job they started? When will we stand up and do the right thing, instead of waiting on the corrupt government?

As my mind searches for answers on a problem that is attacking Sikhism from the outside, my soul questions about the people making Sikhism hollow from the inside. The Granthies that were supposed to preserve Sikhi and teach our youth have gone corrupt. There is no passion, no love left in the service of the Panth; it’s just a job for them. Majority of Granthies are no better then the Masands that Guru Gobind Singh Ji had to get rid of. These men drink beer, eat meat and talk in the most foul language when they think no one is looking. How are these people any better than the leader of Sacha Sauda and other fake ‘saints’? These people are worse than them because they have come into home of Guru Ji and made it into a business.

The fake ‘saints’ are bad, the Granthies are worse and we are the worst of them all for watching the dishonor of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in large numbers. Our leaders are sending committees to find out what happened, our media is sitting quiet, and we shed silent tears as we watch homemade YouTube videos of the dishonor of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Our brothers and sisters question what else needs to be done when the leaders are already looking into the matter. The culprits name is stamped all over the crime scene, what more do you need? Why in the world haven’t our leaders called for the Government to bring this person be brought into justice? The leaders aren’t doing nothing but hiding behind investigation. The media keeps mum that if the people find out, they will demand action. The few people that watch it online, shed their tears and move on with their lives. In a few months the biggest dishonor of Guru Granth Sahib Ji will become just a faint memory. How will you face Guru Granth Sahib Ji when you go in for his blessings after you sat back and did nothing?

Majority of Sikhs need to be sent bracelets by the Mai Bhago’s of today for leaving their Guru Ji in the time of need. Sikh is being attacked from the outside, made hollow from the inside and now a direct attack on Guru Ji. How much longer will we stay quiet?

Authors Note: I finally had the guts to watch the dishonor of Guru Granth Sahib Ji yesterday and spent most of the day upset and fighting with my own family over small issues because I felt so helpless. Then last night I cried myself to sleep for reasons that were unknown to me at the time. This morning it has finally clicked, my soul is crying because I don’t feel worthy of calling myself a Sikh after all that has happened. Today is the day of decisions, either fight or turn my back on Guru Ji. I am quitting accounting and dedicating my life to journalism. I want to spend my life doing seva of Khalsa Panth. I will study journalism and then become a Sikh journalist that focuses on problems faced by Sikhs. I want to bring out the truth of what’s going on and bring some justice to Sikhs.

I use to think that I can’t switch my major because there is no demand or money in being a journalist that focuses on Sikhi. It’s no longer about money or who will hire me after I graduate, it’s about being a Sikh.

Any advice, comments or questions you can contact me at

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3 Responses to Free Colorful Bracelets for All, Including Me…

  1. MB Singh says:

    It is true that the community needs Journalists of strong committments. Bhein Ji must work hard and have faith in Satguru Ji. The Sewa, Guru Sahib likes to have from her, will come to her. He is not away from the scene. We need to strengthen our faith in Him.

    Guru Sahib is interested in our own state of mind, which is directly in our control. I think, instead of worrying too much about the dim state of the Panth; we need to glow our hearts with His help, which is always available.

  2. nimarta says:

    congratulations!! once in a discussion it came up that everyone wants careers that will benefit them and no body tries those that will help the panth (historian, journalist)
    But I just had a tiny doubt: We can all get info/news online….what we really need is action……Sikh Coalition, United Sikhs…..Perhaps u can be a jounalist that brings news and people together. You can go to gurudwaras and inform us about the issues/problems, collect volunteers/money, create awareness…

    Just giving ideas….sorry got carried away
    PS. panthic weekly is a Sikh News cite online…………

  3. Sanmukh says:

    I have tried working with United Sikhs (they were suppose to make a me repersentive for the local sangat where i lived) but it didn’t work out. I have tried reaching out, giving speech about all those sikh organizations to sangat, hoping they would donate but it didn’t work.

    I hope with journalism I can be the kindof journalist you just described that brings the news and people together.

    I love ideas, if you have anymore for me I request you to please share.

    I will check panthic weekly out, thanks.

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