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Inspiring Equality — Women of Yesteryears, Today and Tomorrow

The Sikh Gurus never saw any difference between people based on gender and went as far as addressing everyone as female and Waheguru Ji as male. Then why is gender equality such a big deal today? Shouldn’t we have gender … Continue reading


Punjabi VS Sikh — Picking Sides

Sikhism is one religion where you can’t have both culture and religion; to maintain either you have to take one out of the equation. Punjabi culture is all about drinking, dancing, and sex discrimination. Sikhi is abstaining from all negative … Continue reading

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Children of Faith — Submission

Children of Faith Submission Not having children can make any parent question Waheguru Ji and beg Him for children. We beg, we plead, we threaten to stop believing, we question but how often do we submit to His will. Submission … Continue reading

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Facebook — Addiction of 21st century

It seems if a person has access to internet then they have to have a Facebook page, it’s like a requirement. Even I have one, which I have deleted and reopened countless times. The creators of Facebook must know how … Continue reading

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Day 8 — Muscle Pain

It is very painful to write this to you guys today, literally, you guys will understand once we get to the exercise part. I can’t believe we have been on this challenge for over a week already. Time sure does … Continue reading

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Leap of Faith — at age 2

  Growing up I have almost drowned many times but it was the first time when I was two years old, that I would have drowned for good reason. The almost drowning in so memorable for me is not because … Continue reading

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Day 8 — Working Week of Depression

Last weekend I watched the dishonor of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and it broke my heart. I felt like a failure as a Sikh and couldn’t bring myself to continue the challenge because it all seemed pointless.After 5 days of … Continue reading

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