Day 8 — Muscle Pain

It is very painful to write this to you guys today, literally, you guys will understand once we get to the exercise part. I can’t believe we have been on this challenge for over a week already. Time sure does fly fast. Okay, normally time flies fast but when your arms are killing you and that’s all you can think about, it doesn’t. 😦 Because I am in a rush to explain why my arms are killing me and excuse my way out of writing a more detailed report, today we will talk exercise, food and then amritvela.

There are two kinds of exercises, one where you use exercise  with intention of exercising and the other when you are actually doing some other work and exercise is just a added benefit. I did the other kind. I was told to stay home and babysit a two year old but I found that quite boring. So I sat her in the car seat and drove off to where my dad and the babies dad were working. I thought I would grab some money from daddy and go shopping. Instead I was handed a blower and told to blow all the leaves and dirt in the parking lot to one corner. That doesn’t seem so hard, until you consider the fact that I am holding the baby in one hand and the blower with the other. Imagine for 4 hours straight working like that. Okay, maybe not straight. Sometimes I would put her down for a few moments until she would scare me by picking up rocks or running to towards the street. Majority of the time I had to hold her to make sure she didn’t cause trouble. It would have been easier to just have stayed home.

If I had stayed home how would I have ate junk food? So half way through the unintentional workout, I concluded the baby was hungry. I walked over to Wendy’s and got her a milkshake and fries. I got myself a coke. I didn’t go all out and get sandwich, fries and the works but still I was foolish enough to give in a little and buy the coke and still the babies fries. :|Maybe I am beginning to make healthier choices. They are not perfect yet but I am drinking less coke, eating out less. Slowly working towards a healthier me.

I wish I could say I am making the same progress towards Amritvela. I am horrible with time management, I need amritvela to straighten me out and put me on a time schedule that helps me be more in tune with Waheguru Ji. Sitting here talking to you guys about benefits makes me wonder how great it will be when I can stop talking and start showing. I will show you guys one day, I am not gonna give up till I get my Amritvela.

One day I will have Amritvela Nitnem, healthy life style with plenty of exercise. My ideal daily life. See you guys tomorrow on day 9.

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3 Responses to Day 8 — Muscle Pain

  1. Guest says:

    Impatiently waiting for more days………..

  2. weight says:

    yeah my dad will like this

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