Facebook — Addiction of 21st century

It seems if a person has access to internet then they have to have a Facebook page, it’s like a requirement. Even I have one, which I have deleted and reopened countless times. The creators of Facebook must know how addicting it is that is why they don’t make it so simple to quit. First you have to really search to even find the quit option and even then if you access it at all in the next two weeks, the quit option is cancelled. Every once in a while someone will link to my blog from Facebook and I get tempted to check and I cancel my Facebook cancellation by logging in. Having reopened my account and cancelled it many times, I turn to Waheguru Ji to help me understand this addiction as Sanmukh. It is a game of Maya (illusion), moh (attachment) and haankar (ego).

Sometimes if feels that facebook is a bigger illusion then the real world itself. At least this world you can reach out and touch stuff but that’s not possible on facebook. There is every kind of fake games available that are created to look realistic. They look so realistic that the people spend hours on end farming, playing poker and doing all the stuff they would never do in real life. When people aren’t playing games they are chatting with people they otherwise would never have guts to talk to. It’s this fake illusion of this fake world that we create on facebook. We think we can control it because it’s online and we can turn the computer off at any time but we forget about attachment.

Attachment is so strong that it brings our fake world on facebook into our real world. All day we wonder whether someone messaged us or commented on our picture and we run from our real life to the fake world of Facebook. This attachment grows so big soon if we are away from our computer we are on Facebook on our phones. We fall in love with the people that we met on Facebook and begin to sideline the people that are in our real life. It seems to be some sort of achievement to have the most people on your friends list, regardless of the fact if you even know them or talk to them. This attachment is the main reason we can’t get away from Facebook, until it is too late.

Attachment makes way for ego to come into play and break this illusion of a perfect online world. When a person’s ego is hurt over being slighted on by someone in this fake world the damage caused is unimaginable. People have been known for committing suicide when there online world turns on them. Some have made the biggest of their lives when they meet people from their online world only to find out they person they had fallen in love with online, was nothing like that in real life. There are some people how upon being slighted go found that person in real life and caused them harm. They have thrown acid, raped, beaten and god knows what. Ego is what brings fake world of Facebook into the real world.

This fake world of Facebook is full of illusion, attachment and ego that make it hard to give up even though we know how bad it is for us. As sanmukh I want nothing to do with the 5evils and for me facebook is home to the 5 evils. Yes, it is possible to find some good sangat and connect with people on Facebook but it is hard and a person is more likely to stray. If one wants good sangat they should head to Sikhi related websites and Gurudwara Sahib, where antiSikhi things aren’t promoted at every step.

May Waheguru Ji bless me to stay away from the 5 evils and Facebook.

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2 Responses to Facebook — Addiction of 21st century

  1. Nimarta says:

    I agree. And it takes a person of courage and a true jounalist to say bad yet true things about the things that people like (such as Facebook) One example that proves Facebook is wrong is the fact that we hide it from our parents.

  2. Always interesting to check a different website. Thank you for the post . In addition, apart from the content , the design of your website looks really beautiful . Bravo .

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