Children of Faith — Submission

Children of Faith


Not having children can make any parent question Waheguru Ji and beg Him for children. We beg, we plead, we threaten to stop believing, we question but how often do we submit to His will. Submission is when you can go up Waheguru Ji and say that you are happy to live in His will and really mean it. Not just say it but don’t really believe it inside. Today I want to look at four ladies; one who submitted to Waheguru Ji, two whom handed themselves over to Waheguru Ji and one who just couldn’t have faith.

There was once a lady who had 5 daughters and was constantly taunted by the people around her for it. Since her first pregnancy she would pray to Waheguru Ji to bless her with a son. Each time she would have a daughter and the worldly people would taunt her and make her upset. After having her five daughters it donned on her that doing ardass for a son is not going to give her a son and she should learn to be happy with what Waheguru Ji blessed her with. She went to the Gurudwara Sahib to do ardass to Waheguru Ji one more time. This time she didn’t ask for a son, she thanked Waheguru Ji for her daughters and asked Him to take care of her daughters and give them all the happiness in the world. That day when she finally submitted to Waheguru Ji she was visited by Guru Ji who told her to buy a coconut and drink the water inside it and do path, the next child born will be a son. She did as she was told and she was blessed with a son for submitting to Waheguru Ji’s will.

The next two women were sister-in-laws who had been married for years but even after medical help were unable to conceive. One day they were told to get parsad of missi roti and onion from Gurdwara Beed Baba Budda Sahib and they would be blessed by Baba Budda Ji with a son. First the eldest requested her brother-in-law to bring her back parsad. She accepted the parsad with full faith that Waheguru Ji would bless her. She ate the parsad and would daily to path for Waheguru Ji to bless her and then for Him to protect her child. A year later she had her child without any medical assistance. Years later after she had could not have child, the other sister-in-law also requested for the brother-in-law to bring parsad for her also. But when the parsad reached back to the states it had begun to mold. She decided to have faith in Waheguru Ji and cleaned off the mold and ate the parsad. She too did path for a whole year and had a beautiful baby boy. They put all their faith on Waheguru Ji and He blessed them.

These ladies had full faith on Waheguru Ji and submitted to His will and were blessed but not all can submit. There is one such lady whom I have met that runs to anywhere that offers her even the slightest to having a child. She goes to any doctor, any place of worship, just about anywhere were she has heard of someone being blessed. She heard of prasad from Gurdwara Beed Baba Budda Sahib and requested for it to be brought for her also. Prasad is for everyone, so it was brought for her also but when it reached the American airport the onions were not allowed past security, which was something that hadn’t happened to the earlier ladies. She ate the missi roti with doubt and did path half-heartedly, thinking of the onion that didn’t make it. Just like everything else she had tried to have a baby she didn’t do it with full faith and follow through, this was done half-heartedly also. Till this day she is running after a child and because she won’t submit to Waheguru Ji, she is facing disappointment after disappointment.

Submission to Waheguru Ji is an important part to being blessed. Blessing does not always mean you will receive a child or whatever you wished for from Waheguru Ji or have to wander dejectedly. Blessing is when you are able to find happiness in whatever His will is and not question it. Blessing is a peace of mind which can only come from submission. And submission comes from admitting we are nothing and Waheguru Ji is the creater and the doer. So be humble, submit and let Waheguru Ji bless you.

Authors Note: These stories were taken either from firsthand experience or from a life of a close friend. Please forgive me for any mistakes. You can contact me at

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6 Responses to Children of Faith — Submission

  1. Great site!Good luck everyone!

  2. Gunneeta Singh says:

    It appears that whoever God loves, she gets a son. And whoeever has less faith, doesnt get a child. And who is the “Guru ji” who meets the first lady?
    Story appears too fictitious and biased.

    • Sanmukh says:

      Guru Ji was Guru Gobind Singh Ji. I just wrote the story as it was told to me by this ladies grandson. I am sorry if it appears biased or fictitious.

      If you read the last paragraph it says that is not about being blessed, that you’ll get whatever you wish for. It is about having faith in Waheguru Ji and living in his will. If you have faith in Waheguru Ji and our happy however he keeps you, you’ll be happy no matter what.

      A lot of people are disappointed by the fact that all the ladies had sons. I am sorry but that is Waheguru Ji’s will, i couldn’t change the boys to girls to make people happy. I would like to ask everyone if people are disappointed when they hear the story of Guru Hargobind Jis birth and how his mother had asked for a blessing from Baba Budha JI? Are you disappointed that Guru Arjun Dev Ji didn’t have a daughter?

      I am sorry to all the people that didn’t like this article.

  3. weighty says:

    gonna send this to my mom

  4. Clearskin says:

    great article mate but how to get your rss feed? How about sending us an e-mail with instructions pls? Thanks

  5. says:

    Merely a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great style.

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