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Looking Beyond Jatha

You are not a Sikh if you are so small minded that you can not listen to other peoples point of view. Yes, it is Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s command that Sikhs that all Sikhs will bow to Guru Granth … Continue reading

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Last Names — The Changing Dynamic

Gone are the times when Guru Ji’s Sikh could be identified standing amidst tens of thousands, with each passing day Sikhs are losing their identity. It is a well-known fact that Sikhs are cutting their hair and losing their identity. … Continue reading

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The Colors of the Rainbow

Just like a rainbow is incomplete without all the beautiful colors, a religion is incomplete without God’s children from all types of backgrounds. But what happens when we can’t see or appreciate all of God’s children?  It means we have … Continue reading

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The Fallen Angel

The moment you tie the turban, you make a silent promise to Waheguru Ji to uphold the honor of all Sikhs. You have to become a role model for all, so no one can say anything bad about Guru Ji’s … Continue reading

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Gurudwara, not Temple

Temple a simple word is chipping away at the Sikh identity, under the covers of innocent terminology. The word Temple is suppose to make it easier for the local residence to understand what a Gurudwara is but it just confuses … Continue reading

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Birthday Bash of the Year gone all wrong

I recently celebrated a important milestone in my life when it comes to Birthdays where a Gurmukh celebration turned into a Manmukh celebration within minutes. I learnt an important lesson on this day that trying to act in a Gursikh … Continue reading

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Sanmukh is Back!

Let me start off by saying, ‘Sorry!’ Now that I have said that, I really missed talking with you guys on a regular basis. I do write for other sources but this is for sure less stressed out place to … Continue reading

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