Sanmukh is Back!

Let me start off by saying, ‘Sorry!’ Now that I have said that, I really missed talking with you guys on a regular basis. I do write for other sources but this is for sure less stressed out place to write. So now for the explanation as to where Sanmukh had disappeared starting with who Sanmukh is, why Sanmukh’s pen got quiet and what is Sanmukh planning for the future.

To understand why Sanmukh left, it is important to understand who Sanmukh is. Sanmukh is just a Sikh trying to become a good sikh. Currently I know my destination is Guru Ji but I have not become one with Him, nor can I always feel connected to Him.

Part of the reason I can’t always feel one with Him is family problems get me so wrapped up, that I lose focus on His feet. I start over thinking and forget to ask for His help, in this manner I lose the small connection I do have with Guru Ji and wander aimlessly not writing, not meditating on Him. I get so overwhelmed at times that I lose focus for days on end before it hits me, I should talk to Guru Ji. The moment I remember Him, the world becomes wonderful again.

Now that the world is wonderful again, I am ready to get involved with my writing with all my heart. I am in middle of writing a childrens book on Sikhi, if I ever finish that I will put it up for sangat ji to look at and advise me. I am working in collaboration with another Sikhi website to start my own column and start like 2/3 new Sikhi projects. And now of course I will be blogging regularly and possibly starting my challenge for the 3rd time. I know it sounds silly to start the challenge again but if I don’t, I will be giving up. I might have to do this challenge a hundred times before I am able to complete it but the day I complete it, I will have made huge leaps in my Sikhi and become closer to Waheguru Ji. For me that is worth all the silliness and people thinking I am crazy for not moving on.

Now that I am back, Sangat Ji will see me struggling to keep up with trying to write multiple articles a day, my challenge and writing my book. Not all the articles will end up here on the blog and when I have things set up the way I want them to be, I will share this new place to Sangat Ji.

I hope Sangat Ji will bear with me, as I struggle to immerse myself in all things that are Sikhi, to come out a better Sikh. I might not be on top of my game always as I struggle to find a balance between all my writing commitments and my day to day life away from word processor.

Please do ardass for me to always be connected to Guru Ji’s feet and become the best Sikh I can be.


Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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One Response to Sanmukh is Back!

  1. MB Singh says:

    Prithme Sarbat Khalsa Ji Ki Ardaas Hai Ji, Sarbat Khalsa Ji Ka Aapda Naam Chit Aaave Ji——————

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