The Colors of the Rainbow

Just like a rainbow is incomplete without all the beautiful colors, a religion is incomplete without God’s children from all types of backgrounds. But what happens when we can’t see or appreciate all of God’s children?  It means we have to go through rebirth, until we are able to see Waheguru Ji in all. If we know the consequences of not seeing Waheguru Ji in all, why don’t we see Waheguru Ji in all?  We let our bias overrun our love for Waheguru Ji, we don’t look within ourselves first and we don’t read Gurbani with enough love.

In ‘The Fallen Angel’, I had written about the child that the children had made fun of for her appearance. This child is from an mixed-race extra martial affair, that is no secret to the sangat at the Gurudwara Sahib. What is the child’s fault in any of it? It is a tricky situation where the everyone seems to avoid the child, as they don’t want to show approval for what the mother did. There seems to be a misunderstanding that showing extra kindness to the child, would mean you don’t disapprove what the mother did. What the sangat, me and all Sikhs need to learn is to keep these extra bits of information we know about a person out of our minds, so we can keep from being biased towards them. We need to look past the bias we might have about someone based on color or their heritage.

Before we judge others, we need to judge ourselves. Who made us in charge of deciding, who should get love and who should be ignored? We all have so many secrets, some good and some bad. We need to remember that when we judge others. We wouldn’t want someone to judge us based on our secrets, our looks, and/or our heritage. Sikhs have to be the bigger person and see Waheguru Ji in all, especially children. We should never burden them with things their parents did. Our Guru’s never did that, and we shouldn’t either. But we are human, we can’t help but have those thoughts of judgment come in our mind.

The only way to keep negative thoughts out of our minds is to read Gurbani with love. When we read with love, it fills us with love. Reading Gurbani is not a chore, that you do three times a day. It is a something we should do because it gives us so much peace. In order to receive peace three times a day, we must learn the meanings of shabads and what Guru Granth Sahib Ji is telling us. It is hard in the beginning but we will only get out what we put into it. Read Gurbani with love and you’ll never have trouble seeing Waheguru Ji in all again.

We are all his kids, he lives in us all. Lets look beyond skin color, hertiage and see Waheguru Ji in all. May Waheguru Ji bless us all.

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