Bandi Chhor Divas

A last soul, Jahangir, tormented the world

All over India flag of injustice he unfurled

He caused 5th Sikh Guru to receive Martyrdom

But the 6th Sikh Guru would bring freedom

So Jahangir imprisoned the Sikh Guru

He didn’t know that one can’t imprison the Guru



To Guru Ji’s cloak they held

Grateful to the power he weld

It was the imprisoned princes he led

Jahangir was left alone with his misdeed

Once again it was the good deed

That would succeed


Guru Ji, Sangat had been lost without you

Union with you is all they wanted to pursue

Grand celebrations were just not enough

Showing their love for you was tough

In love and awe they follow your lead

Liberation of our souls was all they  need


Hundreds of years later we still seek

Though Kaljug is at its peak

We know you will save us

Then why about death we make such a fuss

Your jot lives on in Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Your merciful spirit lives on in Guru Granth Sahib Ji


Oh my soul, bow to the True Guru

Please take the lead my Guru

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