The Trap of Maya

Money is not everything


Waheguru Ji works in mysterious ways, one just needs to keep open mind and open eyes to see it. These past few weeks I have been having issues when it came to dealing with money. As an immature young adult, I had been irresponsible using my credit cards and had them taken away by my parents and warned just to use cash. Cash has always been my weak point and I had known that even before I had the cards taken away. So I had asked Waheguru Ji to help me give up my attachment to money. I think it was a three step program; admittance, denial and forgiveness.

I have been trying to go to the Gurudwara daily or as often as I can and it was decided I would empty my pockets of all cash at each visit. Seemed like a simple enough idea, after all I did have all my credit cards still with me. I stopped caring about cash and barely carrying any at that. I became dependent on my cards. I stopped abusing one form of maya and started abusing another. When the bills came in, I was cut off from this form of Maya also. I stopped visiting the Gurudwara as often, not knowingly but sub-consciously. I needed the money, I guess. So during the week I avoided the Gurudwara Sahib but there was no way around Sundays. The last Sunday I was driving to the local Gurudwara Sahib a greedy thought crossed my mind. I said aloud to Waheguru Ji that it’s His fault I am broke, again today I am going to give up my money and now I don’t even have my credit cards. But I will honor my promise and give up all the money I have.

I never got the chance to honor my promise; Waheguru Ji intervened and reminded me of my place. I had complained less than a block from the Gurudwara Sahib and a block later I completely forgotten all about the money. Totally distracted I grabbed my books for Punjabi School and rushed in though I was early and there was no need to rush, just a feeling. It was not until I was already at Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s presence, that I remembered the money. I promised myself that after Punjabi class I will go get the money. All through the Punjabi class guilt consumed me that I shouldn’t have said what I said; I have to honor my promise. But I never got around to bringing the money from the car. The money sat in my car for two weeks, reminding me of my betrayal. For two weeks I tried to find my way to the Gurudwara Sahib to honor my promise. I denied the fact I didn’t want to give the money to Guru Ji in the first place, I denied it was His to do as He wished. I tried to have control over something I had no control over, everything is Waheguru Jis.

Finally today, I gave up the control back to Waheguru Ji. And I realized that the only way to lose the love for maya is to learn that we have no control over any of it, it’s all Waheguru Jis. I spent the money today, all of it, to buy medication for my aunts paining leg. Once you say that you’re giving Waheguru Ji something and you truly believe in Waheguru Ji, He doesn’t let you make that mistake. He puts His Sikhs head and saves them from this world of maya. He teaches us that we can’t give anything to Waheguru Ji; He is the one that gives everything.

The moment a Sikh feels they can give Waheguru Ji anything, forgets how to beg, how to ask Guru ji. They get filled with Ego (hanker) and they can never find a place in the feet of Waheguru Ji. I don’t think I need cash or credit cards anymore because no matter how much I struggle, Waheguru Ji is still in charge. Once we open the eyes of our mind, Waheguru Ji can help us beyond our wildest imagination. Maya is just one thing, Waheguru Ji has the ability to rescue us from all the evils and give us a place at His feet.



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