The World of Change

Change begins at Home


Whenever one wants to change the world, they are first told to begin at home and then change the world. I don’t think anyone has heard it more than me. Like many Sikhs I am troubled by the direction our religion is headed. I am troubled by the politics, the caste issues, girl boy ratios, outside influences on practice of Sikhism and etc. One could go on all day listing everything that needs to be changed back to how the Guru Sahiban left it for us. But every time I begin to talk about these issues with family or friend, I am asked what I am doing about it or what I can do about it. At that point typically I have to be quiet because I honestly feel hopeless/helpless about bringing change.

That is till recent times; today I will not be quiet as I plan on bringing change starting from home. In recent times the Sikh turban and articles of faith have made news quite a few times. Sikhs are outraged at how blatantly our Turbans are being disrespected and non-Sikhs for the most part don’t have a clue what the big deal is. Though it must be noted that some Sikhs are also confused about what’s going on and again what the big deal is. My idea is just that; to inform Sikhs, non-Sikhs and the people in a position to make a difference.

On one of the highly celebrated Sikh holiday, Visakhi, the Punjabi class which I attend will hold a town hall style meeting regarding the turban. The hope is that if the guests are invited three months or so prior to the event, they can’t use the schedule conflict excuse to get out of it. The three months also give us enough time to thoroughly research and prepare speeches and presentations that would best represent the interests of Sikhs around the world. Speeches that inform and inspire will be given. All speakers will be local Sikhs, mostly youth with no hidden agendas. All issues will be clear and out in the open, no behind closed door meetings. 

With this attitude of change we hope to achieve an understanding with the local Senators and TSA officials on what the issues are and why there needs to be a change in the treatment of the turban. We hope the youth will be able to gather support from local Sikhs and Non-Sikhs alike as they extend their hand to Senators to work on a plan for change. And outside of immediate people in attendance, we hope this meeting will inspire sangat around America to hold similar meetings with their senators and TSA officials.

Together we need to send the message to the United States and the world that we will not let the turban become the symbol of terrorism.

Our humble request to all sangat reading this article is to provide us feedback, links, information and just about anything they think is important for us to research to make this meeting a success.  We can only bring about a change with the blessings of Waheguru Ji and the support of the sangat. For more one on one conversation to share ideas and thoughts, please feel free to contact me at

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  2. i like it The World of Change | Sanmukh's Blog now im your rss reader

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