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The World is a Stage

We’re the actors This is stage where there is no script, no direction; all the actors must act impromptu. That means unlike scripted actors, we must see what is happening around us and just act out the first thing that … Continue reading

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Sikh: A Student without a Teacher

Everyone in the world has a right to call themselves a Sikh but the word Sikh holds a special meaning for the followers of Sikhism. The proper definition of Sikh is to be a student and in that sense, no … Continue reading

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Conversion of Sikh Girls—-Who falls prey?

The Sikh community is waking up from a long sleep of neglect of the female child to find that their daughters are being converted out of the faith they were born in. Websites, blogs, Youtube videos are being made daily … Continue reading

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Living in His Will

  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly One of the easiest things to say is that we should live in His will but it is one of the hardest things to do. And it is not until we actually … Continue reading

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