Living in His Will


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

One of the easiest things to say is that we should live in His will but it is one of the hardest things to do. And it is not until we actually live in His will during a difficult period in life, do we realize what it truly means to live in His will. In my life and the life of dear ones, I have seen when living in His will was good, bad and nearly impossible.

I was nineteen years old when over the period of a few months; I found myself unable to walk for more than a few feet without unbearable pain, riddled with random pain in different parts of my body and unable to stay awake more than a few hours. For six months my family thought I was faking it because the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I was miserable and couldn’t figure out why God was doing this to me; what good did God get from my misery? Than six months after all this had begun, the doctors discovered I had imbalance that caused my kidneys to leak. The supplements made the random muscle pain and constant need for sleep go away but I still couldn’t walk. It took them another month to discover that I had a slip disc, which was actually the root of my misery. None of the painkillers were working and the doctors recommended surgery. An impulse trip to India and bath at Harmandir Sahib, my back was cured. Till this day I thank god that I got slip disc and my kidney condition got caught. It was hard to live in His will but when I look back, it was worth it.

A person is not always able to look back and be thankful for what seems like a horrible event in their lives that changed their life for the better. Life was finally looking up for my father, he was working hard as a truck driver to support his family back home and then suddenly one day his partner caused the truck to crash. My father was sleeping in the back when the crash happened and was horribly injured; the partner jumped out and didn’t even get a scratch on him. It was during the ride to the hospital the paramedics discovered my father had diabetes that was completely out of control. Left untreated, it could have caused my father to have severe kidney damage, to go blind and loads of other problems. But this crash got him the help he needed, which he otherwise would have never gotten because he just couldn’t afford it. Not only did this accident helped catch his diabetes but the insurance money helped him start his own business. He is 100 times better off today, than he was before that faithful crash. His back often troubles him and at times the pain gets unbearable but today he can afford to say no to work. The memories of the horrible crash still hurt him, maybe one day this will of God, won’t seem so bad.

But how does one live in His will when no light can be seen at the end of the tunnel of pain. In recent months a family friend had a stroke due to high blood pressure, the stroke has left him unable to talk, recognize his family and without hope of ever returning to normal. The only breadwinner for his family does not even know that since he has been in the hospital, another daughter has been born to him. All day his family cries and prays that a miracle will happen and he will once again recognize them, it has been months but he has not. Sometimes we wonder if he is never going to get better, wouldn’t it have been easier if God had called him to Himself? But then again, if God had done that would his wife stayed back and learned to fend for herself and her family? Would she have kept her daughter, which everyone is so eager to adopt? Maybe or maybe not. But as of now, she is here fighting, praying and learning on how to survive on her own without depending on others, so she can keep things normal for when her husband does wake up. Yes, those of us around her try to help her out as much as we can but it is not the same as having your husband with you that used to do everything for you. Sometimes to the non-believer the will of God is worse than bad, it’s ugly.

No matter how God’s will looks at first glance, for those that believe there is always more to it than that meets the eye. Whether God’s will is good, bad or ugly, there is always some good hidden in it, we just need to believe. Sometimes is pain for small period of time, to help us avoid long time problems. Sometimes its pain in smaller doses to help us bear it in the long run. And occasionally He gives us a big pain to make us so strong that we can not only bear our pain but help others also. He is our father, why would he want to see us in pain? If you can’t see the good in His will, it is because you have yet to turn on the lights. Go to Guru Granth Sahib Ji and ask for help in turning on the minds light because it is only a Guru that can expel the darkness and bring you into the light.



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