The World is a Stage

We’re the actors


This is stage where there is no script, no direction; all the actors must act impromptu. That means unlike scripted actors, we must see what is happening around us and just act out the first thing that comes to our mind. No one is really telling us what is right or wrong, we have to judge for ourselves. For that very reason this birth as a human is priceless and in the life form that can receive salvation. So if there is no script and no direction, what role does the creator play? The creator controls the environment around us, writes the basic events based on our karmas and finally helps us find a way off this stage.

The events that happen around us shape the way we turn out as humans and those events are controlled to an extent by the creator. He controls the weather but lets us control how we react to it. He controls how the animals behave but lets us control our behavior. The plants, the weather, the animals are the world around us shape us to an extent based on how we react to them, what we learn from them. Those are the items that we have no control over; the behavior of animals, where and how plants grow, the weather and this earth is the stage.

So the stage is set, the next step is to give the actors their basic roles. Depending on our past karmas, we are sent to this earth with a list of things we must live through for our karmas to be washed off. If we don’t do any bad deeds again, we can wash our slate clean. If we continue to do bad deeds on this stage, we add to our karmas and more for us to work off later. It is a basic principle, you control your life and how you act and react. God just wipes off your bad deeds when you do well and adds things for us to live through if we do bad deeds. God is just the accounts keeper for us.

Lucky for us the accounts keeper (God) loves us and tries to help us find ways off this stage to be with Him again. He occasionally picks a few actors to whom He explains exactly how this stage works and he then sends them to explain to everyone else. Over time different messengers came and explained God’s play to us. Some of the messengers themselves got lost in the world of humans that forget about God and forgot the true message; they distorted it to get themselves worshiped as God. Other times the humans forgot the message over time. So this time God had the messengers (this time the Sikh Gurus) he sent record His message in the eternal Guru, so His message will never be forgotten. The Sikh’s Guru, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, are direct words of the Creator. Not stories of his messengers written years letter to bases our lives off. Let us allow Guru Granth Sahib Ji to guide us back to the creator and end this birth, rebirth cycle.

Let’s stop waiting around for some miracle by God to magically appear and show us the way. Instead let us make an effort ourselves to go to Guru Granth Sahib Ji and learn how to live our lives in a way that we can reconnect with the creator. Once we understand how this play works and what lines we should say and how we should act, we master life. At that point this hungry, pain, love, hate and etc. are all forgotten. We can rise above and live a good life and die to never be born again. But if we all keep waiting for a miracle, all the bad stuff will keep happening. Because we will not realize that we are the cause of our own misery, not God. Next time you ask yourself why the world is so bad, remind yourself God has given you a way out of this badness, you just don’t follow it.

If you are reading this article, God has just shown you the path. Now you can’t wait around for a miracle anymore and have to make an effort yourself. It might seem the world is against your efforts or at times it gets hard but you got follow through. If you follow through today and become a good Sikh that believes in and follows Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Than you will never suffer from worldly pain again and can rejoin the creator.



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