Waheguru, where are you?

The Conscience


Each one of us have witnessed something which we believed is wrong and kept quiet whilst we asked in our head, “Why is God not doing anything?” “Is God so heartless He can sit back and watch all these evils?” Sorry to disappoint but God’s not heartless nor is He to blame. When He created the world He put a system in place to keep the world from becoming hell. Waheguru Ji gave the humans a conscience, sent His messengers and then created Judgment day.

When there is something wrong going on in front of us, this voice in back of our head immediately alerts us that something is not right. Not only does it alert us that something is wrong but it also alerts us what is right. At that point it is our choice if we want to react to the voice (our conscience) or blame God for letting this happen. It is like seeing someone doing something against Gurmat at the Gurudwara Sahib but not speaking out. In your head you know what’s right and what they are doing is wrong but you don’t speak up. Then you get mad at Waheguru Ji, how He lets such things happen in His home. To blame Him when we had a choice, we could have done the right thing. But still He pities us that we ignored the biggest tool He gave us, our conscience, and sends His messengers to awaken our conscience.

When our conscience fails us, then His messengers come to reawaken our Conscience and to remember the True Lord. All religions on this world are started on the basis of reawaking our conscience to be a better person and reconnecting with the True Lord. The same goes for Sikhism, which begin with Guru Nanak Dev Ji, in a time period when there was much turmoil and people needed to reconnect with God. Guru Nanak Dev Ji and all the Sikh Guru Sahiban that followed taught the people how to live a life that was worth living, following your conscience. Guru Nanak Dev Ji took people like Sajan Thag and gave him salivation by awakening his conscience and connecting him with the True Lord. Some of us are not lucky like Sajan Thag because we refuse to let Guru Granth Sahib Ji awaken our conscience and connect with Waheguru. After ignoring our conscience and His messengers, we wonder why Waheguru Ji still lets the bad stuff happen on this earth.

We keep blaming Him for all the world’s problems and do nothing ourselves but still He does not give up on us. He spends time with each of us, going over the account of our deeds; good and bad. Then if we had listened to our conscience and had kept faith in Him, He lets us rejoin Him. If we spent all our lives hiding from the truth, hiding from Him and blaming Him for when we failed to act up, then based on our karmas He gives us a new life to redo it again. When we are in front of Waheguru, we can’t hide the truth any more. Everything about Waheguru is the truth and there is no falseness of the world that we can behind. And on this judgment day, he prepares us for the next life, so we can finally be with Him forever in the next. Amazing thing about Waheguru Ji, He doesn’t give up on us.

So don’t give up on Him; listen to your conscience, be grateful of His messengers, and most of all be prepared to face the Truth with the True Lord. The day we stop hiding from the truth and blaming Him, we can make this world beautiful again. The key to the truth is the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the longer we keep our mind close to the Guru, we will not find the light of the truth. Wake up, stop hiding and ask Guru Granth Sahib Ji to help you rise above this false world. Stop blaming, become the Truth and the world will not seem so bad anymore. In fact the world will seem beautiful and the idea of finding a place at the True Lord’s feet will seem even better.


Source: http://www.sikhsangat.org/2011/03/waheguru-where-are-you/

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One Response to Waheguru, where are you?

  1. really nice write up bhenji! u shud post it harminder kaur ji!

    Vaheguroo jee kaa khalsa
    Vaheguroo jee kee fatheh!!!

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