Rise of The Khalsa -A documentary

For the past decade the Sikhs more than ever have been struggling to portray the Khalsa image in the proper light. Ever since the 9-11 terrorist attacks, the Sikhs have been looked upon as terrorists by many people that are unaware of the difference between Muslims and Sikhs. Things in some places have gotten so bad that Sikh youth themselves don’t know what it means to be a Sikh. This documentary is a breath of fresh air from the popular trend of animated versions of Sikh history as it follows a group of Sikh warriors and uses them as real life examples of who the Sikhs are. It brings the Sikh history alive in the true sense and in this manner it is more appealing to the teenagers, non-traditional Sikhs and people from non-Sikh backgrounds. This well-made professional documentary’s appeal to multitude of groups is great boon to Sikhi, if properly used. The proper use of the film as educational tool for visitors to the Gurudwara Sahibs, schools teaching religion classes and even for the common Sikh, themself.

It is no secret that the Granthi’s of the Sikh Gurudwaras around the world are in no place to explain Sikhi to visitors. In fact often visitors are left to depend on youth that often don’t know too well themselves. This documentary can either be set up on a TV or a computer for visitors to sit and watch while at the Gurudwara. About 45 minutes long this film covers everything from Gatka, Amrit ceremony, Sikh history, langar, different events at the Gurudwara Sahib and much more. The biggest treat in this film for them is to see Sikhs from non-traditional backgrounds, such as America, German, Ireland and others. They also get to hear about Sikhi from a Russian Sikh and why he found it appealing. This movie truly gives visitors a broad picture of who Sikhs are without lecturing them, it’s of an adventure and everyone’s invited.

Even those that have not yet ventured into the Gurudwara but are learning about religion in their high school or college/university classes are invited on this adventure. For anyone that has taken a religion class or read a world religion book, it is no secret that Sikhi is not explained properly or fully. This is a golden opportunity for Sikhs to provide their local colleges and high schools with an English documentary on Sikhi, so at least we are represented properly. This documentary is available in English and Punjabi on the same disc with Spanish subtitles, in other words it is perfect for American Schools. If sangat supports this film, I am sure we can get available in more langauges for Sikhs around the world. To use for educational purposes for people wanting to learn about Sikhi and even for those that don’t wish. We all have known kids that got bullied at school for being a Sikh, now you can get your teacher to host a movie hour on Sikhi. Provide the snacks and you got the kids interested and educated.

Education is the key to stopping bullying and to inspiring yourself and your children to be better Sikhs. Before I watched this film I thought I knew quite a bit about Sikhi but I learned there is always something new to learn. Often times in living in western countries we forget the solider part of saint-solider and this movie reminds us how smoothly the two go hand in hand. Watching this movie in Punjabi and/or in English fills a Sikh with the same inspiration and pride to become better Sikhs; better people.

I would recommend everyone to watch this documentary to educate yourself and others on Sikhi. Watch it once in Punjabi, so you really understand what is going on. And then in English to better explain it to people that don’t speak Punjabi. Now is the time for education, let support this effort to reach more than our little kids with animated films. This is an effort to broaden the horizons of Sikh media. So please visit http://thesikhmedia.com/ today to learn more about the documentary and how to get it out to more people to watch this beautiful documentary.

source: http://www.sikhsangat.org/2011/03/rise-of-the-khalsa-a-documentary/

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