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Conversion of Sikh Girls—-Who falls prey?

The Sikh community is waking up from a long sleep of neglect of the female child to find that their daughters are being converted out of the faith they were born in. Websites, blogs, Youtube videos are being made daily … Continue reading

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Educating the Masses

Every so often Sikhs make the local news and the uneducated masses have a field day talking about terrorists.  Then a Sikh comes upon that page and has field day talking about how we are a misunderstood population and how … Continue reading

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Looking Beyond Jatha

You are not a Sikh if you are so small minded that you can not listen to other peoples point of view. Yes, it is Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s command that Sikhs that all Sikhs will bow to Guru Granth … Continue reading

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Gurudwara, not Temple

Temple a simple word is chipping away at the Sikh identity, under the covers of innocent terminology. The word Temple is suppose to make it easier for the local residence to understand what a Gurudwara is but it just confuses … Continue reading

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Punjabi VS Sikh — Picking Sides

Sikhism is one religion where you can’t have both culture and religion; to maintain either you have to take one out of the equation. Punjabi culture is all about drinking, dancing, and sex discrimination. Sikhi is abstaining from all negative … Continue reading

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Facebook — Addiction of 21st century

It seems if a person has access to internet then they have to have a Facebook page, it’s like a requirement. Even I have one, which I have deleted and reopened countless times. The creators of Facebook must know how … Continue reading

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Free Colorful Bracelets for All, Including Me…

Mai Bhago please come back with the bracelets that once remind the fourty martyrs their duty for Guru Ji and remind the sleeping Khalsa Panth once again of our duty towards Guru Ji. So much disrespect of Sri Guru Granth … Continue reading

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